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MC-20PRO Installation

Quick Install for PC
This provides easy to follow instructions for installation of the MC-20PRO in a Windows 2000/XP standard environment. This includes the setup and installation of the KeyAssigner program as well.

Quick Install for Mac
This provides easy to follow instructions for installation of the MC-20PRO or MC-20PRO/M on a Mac computer.

Controlling External VTRs & ATRs with the MC-20PRO
The MC-20PRO VTR A/B Select in the Capture mode permits using a 2nd digital or analog VTR or audio deck that can be controlled by the MC-20PRO via the FutureVideo MC-100 device controller. When VTR B is selected, the transport keys on the MC-20PRO will control the B deck independently of the A deck. Thus, for example, VTRs that do not have any firewire control or are slow-responsive with Firewire control may be used to capture clips. In order to have full Jog & shuttle control, the assignments of these controls may also be changed by redefining the “A” VTR jog/shuttle commands as MC-100 commands.

Capturing with Adobe Premiere PRO using FutureVideo Device Control
FutureVideo provides a special plug-in especially for Adobe Premiere PRO 2 which allows using one or more external VTRs or Camcorders to control and capture video from within Premiere PRO 2. This allows using non-fire wire devices (such as RS-422A, RS-232C, Lanc, Panasonic 5 pin, devices) as well as improving device responsiveness that do not provide very accurate control via Premiere’s software control.

Installation Issues

  • Can’t find COM Port for KeyAssigner (Win2k/XP only)
    This may be due to the fact that the COM port assigned during USB serial port installation did not select one of the ports in the range 1-4. To check the installed COM port, ensure the MC-20PRO is plugged into the computer, and go to My Computer… the Hardware tab… Device Manager.. and expand the Ports (COM & LPT) and see which USB Serial port assignment number is assigned. If it is not there at all, retry the Quick Install for PC procedure again. If it is there but the port number is larger than 4, change the port # to between 1 and 4 by following the directions in the Quick Install for PC procedure in the Advanced Settings dialog box.

  • MC-20PRO keys or Jog/Shuttle do not Work with Computer
    Unplug MC-20PRO power adapter and USB cable. Re-plug in the power first, then plug in the USB Cable. If this does not work, try a different USB port on the Computer. If this does not work, then review the appropriate Quick Install instructions (see MC-20PRO Installation).

Application Notes and Video Tutorials


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