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FutureVideo has provided our customers with an upgrade path wherever possible. Since your needs—and our product range—continue to evolve, this helps ensure that your FutureVideo system will be able to continue to meet your requirements.

If you have sent in your warranty cards, you will be included in the database from which these mailings are drawn.

Feel free to contact our Factory Upgrade Department at 949-363-1286 ext 11 when you're ready to upgrade your hardware and/or software or if you simply need more information.

New Flash Upgrade for Media Commander 200NL!

  • Adobe Premiere 6.x/PRO, Canopus RexEdit/StormEdit 1.x, Ulead MediaStudio Pro 6.x, Windows's Media Player 7.x compatibility
  • New/Improved Synchronized Record to Tape from TimeLine
  • New Insert Source to Timeline Short-cut Key function
  • New Record to Disk key function
  • Improved Jog/Shuttle dynamics in Non-Linear Mode
  • Improved button responsiveness
  • New Keymaps Plug-ins for other NLE software, when available
  • DV Support via key short-cut keys in Device Mode
  •  New MC2SET software update with New Flash Upgrade

Who should Upgrade?

If you've upgraded your Adobe Premiere 5/6 to Premiere PRO, then you'll want to upgrade your controller's firmware as well.

Adobe has changed some of the short-cut keys that the MC-200NL used in Premiere 5/6.x. This upgrade will re-assign these functions to work with Adobe PRO, including a new function (SHIFT+REC) which inserts a trimmed Source clip into the Timeline directly when in Non-linear mode.

In addition, we have incorporated a new/improved synchronized Record-to-Tape feature, so that you can now very precisely pre-roll video on the timeline and synchronize it to the VCR'S Insert or Assemble mode preroll for recording.

With the new keymap plug-in capability, different keymaps can be used to remap the buttons and dial of the MC-200NL for other NLE applications. Included with this update are keymaps for Adobe Premiere 5.x, Adobe Premiere 6.x, Adobe Premiere PRO, Canopus RexEdit/StormEdit, Ulead Media Studio Pro, and Window's Media Player.

Included is a new update to the MC2SET program (version 1.02) and a new program to Flash your 200NL controller chip for this and future updates.

How easy is it to upgrade?

Simply run the provided Flash upgrade program from your PC. No disassembly required.

What does it cost?

Upgrade now for only: $95.00

How do I order?

Simply either contact us by e-mail or phone and ask for the MC-200NL and we can either send the upgrade by e-mail or regular mail.
Note: Please indicate serial# of unit when ordering so we send you the correct upgrade disk.


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