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Media Asset Management

Multi-View 2.0 Multi-file Player   

Synchronize up to 24 Digital Video Recordings on a Single PC Screen 

Multi-View® 2.0 multi-file player software is a digital video playback software solution useful for simultaneous and synchronized play back of non-HD digital recordings where video debriefing and analysis of events are required. Applications for this system include aerospace, process control, sports, clinical evaluation studies, military, intelligence, internal security, surveillance, geophysical, law enforcement, legal, medical, process control, sports, multimedia presentations, clinical evaluation studies, mission training, and video post-production. The software is Windows 2000/XP/WIN7 32 bit compatible.

Multi-View 2.0 Features Include:

Simultaneously playback up to 24 video files.
Support for multiple digital media formats including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MJPEG (Motion JPEG), WMV
A user interface that's intuitive, flexible, & easy to learn
Re-size/crop windows & place anywhere within the workspace
Synchronize each window in time to a master
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Multi-View® HD Pro Multi-Cam Player & Editor

Multi-Video Software - Specialized applications!

Multi-View® HD Pro Multi-Cam Player & Editor is the easiest and quickest way to play back and synchronize up to 8 videos at the same time.  It works with videos shot on the popular GoPro Hero 3 / Hero 4 and other videos created in MPEG-4/H.264/AVC and MJPEG encoded formats. Watch a sample video using POV Multi-cam.

The Multi-View HD Pro AutoProducer
® feature allows you to edit the videos from multiple angles without complex video editing software programs. Furthermore, no time consuming import and transcoding necessary to start editing. When editing is completed, add a soundtrack, and click a button to directly upload and share your video to YouTube or an FTP site.

An event Log is included which allows marking exact times in each video with a description that later can be instantly retrieved. When sync'd to each other all the videos cue to their corresponding points.

Multi-View HD Pro is designed for an array of specialized applications, including:sports, action videography, Law Enforcement, Focus Groups, Security & Surveillance, and many others.  

Multi-View HD Pro is Windows 7/8 64 bit compatible. A quad core CPU is required with at least 8GB of memory

Multi-View HD Pro Includes:
The ability to synchronize and play up to 8 videos from independent cameras
Create produced edited videos moments after the shoot
Upload edited video directly to YouTube with a click of a button
Supports event logs for each video for marking exact points in time with a description.
Import MPEG-4 and H.264/AVC videos, and output in H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 and MJPEG formats
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FV MediaPlayer

Precise Frame-by-Frame Controlled Video Playback with Full Tactile Control Interface

Media players for Windows were originally conceived for passive viewing by consumer users. Consequently, those in the professional/industrial video world with more specialized needs were often left frustrated. They were unable to add markers or comments, search to the frame, copy or print a single frame, change playback speed, sub-clip extraction, or—more importantly—accomplish any of these tasks with an ergonomically comfortable jog/shuttle control surface. Until now! The new FV MediaPlayer does all this and more.

FV MediaPlayer has been designed to be the first media player that provides full frame-by-frame jog & shuttle control, and is especially designed to be used with FutureVideo's MC-20PRO and MC-20PRO II Controllers. This new player provides an ideal media management solution for applications involving video editor review or archiving of selected video segments—all of which require frame by frame precision. With event marking, adding comments, and the ability to do event search, you will find this to be an indispensable tool. In addition, clip extraction (save a marked selection to a new file), cropping & resizing all can be done with FV MediaPlayer. Most common video formats are supported.

FV MediaPlayer is designed for an array of applications, including: Multimedia & Video Post-production, Video Archiving, Video Assist, Military & Aerospace, Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Security & Surveillance, Criminal Justice, Geophysical, Sports, Bio-medical, and Process Control.

Media Player Feature Comparison Chart 




More Video Formats Supported
(MJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264)


More Video File Types Supported


More Video Playback Control Functions (including jog & shuttle)


Compatible With FutureVideo Media Commander MC-20PRO II Jog/Shuttle Controller


Nine Adjustable Slow Motion Playback Speeds


Set & Goto Trim In/Out Points


Set & Search Event Markers


Add Event Markers and Descriptions


Create/Copy/Print Snapshots Of Still Frame Image


Seek To Individual Frame Number


On-Screen Display Of Time Counter In HH:MM:SS:FF Format


Crop/Resize/Stretch Video Window

Resize Only

Full Screen Playback

Loop/Repeat Playback

Trim and Save as New Video Clips


Audio Volume/Mute Controls

Audio Left/Right Channel Balance Control


Upgradable To Multi-View 24 Window Synchronized Playback


With applicable decoder (Direct Show Filter)

FV MediaPlayer™
Learn More (PDF: 925K)
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