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Providing Innovative Audio/Video Control Products Since 1986


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Jog/Shuttle RS-422A Device Controllers
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Video Editing
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Engineering Services


Since 1986, FutureVideo has been engaged by high technology companies for custom product design and prototyping. Some past and current clients include: Panasonic, Olympus, Canopus and TEAC. We work with small and large companies to help out in the following areas:

Hardware Design

Custom design for embedded control applications.
Embedded control provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for many systems which require a microcomputer based task oriented control. Embedded controllers are used in a wide variety of applications today, including industrial control, computer peripherals, communications, and audio/video devices. For example, industrial control systems include motor control, robotics, process control, instrumentation, medical equipment, inverters. and security systems. VCRs, camcorders, laser disk players, and edit controllers use embedded controllers.
Circuit design and PCB layout for both prototype and finished products.
Using the latest schematic circuit design software and PCB layout and routing tools, we can bring a design to working prototype in a very short time.

Software Design

Software design services
Embedded control programming (firmware), user interface design, and communications are some of the design services available.
Programming Services
Assembly, Visual Basic, and Visual C++ programming services are provided.

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