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About FutureVideo

FutureVideo is a leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of control products for video and audio applications. We have created both hardware and software systems that are reliable, cost effective , and easy to use for analog and digital media control applications. As an OEM supplier to many leading technology companies, we've helped bring many innovative products to market--quickly and economically.

Corporate History

Since its founding in 1986, FutureVideo has been a designer and marketer of a range of innovative controller products for video and audio applications. Various patents, awards for excellence, and “industry firsts” have accrued. These attest to the company’s commitment to shattering performance envelopes while raising the bar for value and ease-of-use.

FutureVideo’s first products were stand-alone videotape edit controllers that provided unprecedented accuracy with equipment in the prosumer/low-end industrial class. In the late '80s, Olympus Corporation selected FutureVideo to produce an OEM edit controller that they marketed as the Olympus “Woodbury WEC-1000”.

Leading the campaign to merge video and computer technologies, FutureVideo developed a pioneering range of desktop video solution as far back as 1988. This resulted in the industry's first plug-in card edit controller whereby the VTR controller device resided entirely within the PC. FutureVideo began to deliver ever more sophisticated--but ever easier to use--editing and post-production systems. For the first time, users were able to perform complex editing and post-production tasks—but at a fraction of the cost of higher-end systems.

Anticipating that third party software developers would need ways to incorporate precise but affordable VTR control into their multimedia software, FutureVideo launched its Registered Developer program in the summer of 1990. Major developers, including AT&T, Matrox, and others introduced PC, Mac, and Amiga software that utilized FutureVideo EditLink and Media Commander device controllers in various post-production applications.

By mid-1992 FutureVideo began to deliver the first of a new series of V-STATION 3300 prosumer videotape post-production systems which integrated A/B Roll editing with transitions, digital video effects, audio mixing & cross-fading, and titling for Windows and Amiga/Toaster platforms. V-STATIONs provided an important advance in user productivity—the ability to auto-assemble the video production.

Recognizing the need for improved audio-for-video performance, FutureVideo launched its Windows-based EditLink AV 2100 system in 1995. For the first time, Videographers, Sound Editors, and Composers could do professional sound editorial—precisely synchronized to the visuals—at an affordable price with a more cost-effective class of equipment.

FutureVideo-developed controller products have been used in sports, television broadcast, law, military, event videography, education, and various other markets. The company’s clients have included Panasonic, TEAC America, Adelphia Communications, Pinnacle Systems, Canopus, and others. Today, FutureVideo principally focuses on OEM transport control devices and technologies based upon its Media Commander product range.

FutureVideo is privately held and based in Orange County, California.

Product Milestones

1986 1st true automatic inter-format edit controller (EC1000U) for use with ½” and 8mm VTRs.

1988 FutureVideo designs and manufactures OEM edit controller for Olympus (Woodbury WEC-1000).

1989 1st SMPTE/EBU time code reading edit controller (EC1000PRO/TC) for use with otherwise incompatible prosumer/low-end industrial VTRs.

1990 1st inter-format edit controller on PC plug-in card (EditLink) with SDK for use with prosumer/low-end industrial VTRs

1991 1st portable SMPTE Time Code Generator (TCG-2000) able to sync with otherwise incompatible prosumer/low-end industrial camcorders.

1991 1st PC compatible EDL software (EDL-2000/FX) to fully integrate edit control with videographics control for prosumer/low-end industrial VTRs.

1992 1st true inter-format A/B Roll edit controller range (EditLink 3300) for PC, Amiga, and Mac for use with prosumer/low-end industrial VTRs.

1995 1st affordable audio-for-video post-production system (EditLink AV 2110) for synchronized sound editorial with low-end industrial equipment.

1995 FutureVideo integrates control of Panasonic and Videonics Digital A/V Mixers into V-STATION 3300 software. Panasonic co-markets systems built around FutureVideo V-STATION 3300.

1997 FutureVideo introduces Media Commander 100 modular daisy-chainable VTR Transport Controllers with SDK.

1998 FutureVideo introduces the Media Commander MC-100VE OEM product with integrated VITC reader and on-screen Time code display.

1998 FutureVideo introduces Media Commander 200 Universal Jog/Shuttle Transport Controller.

1999 FutureVideo introduces the Media Commander MC-400VE OEM product that synchronizes 4 transports.

2000 FutureVideo introduces the Media Commander MC-3200 OEM product that synchronizes up to 32 transports.

2000 FutureVideo introduces Media Commander 200NL Jog/Shuttle Transport Controller for non-linear post-production applications.

2001 FutureVideo introduces the EC-800 OEM emulation card that emulates a Sony RS-422A VTR using a TEAC V-800 VTR.

2004 FutureVideo offers first multi-function Jog/Shuttle Control Surface (Media Commander MC-20PRO) with fully programmable controls for both PC and MAC non-linear editing applications.

2005 FutureVideo introduces Multi-View 1.0 software for synchronizing independent camera recordings onto one PC screen.

2007 FutureVideo introduces Multi-View 2.0 Enterprise software for synchronizing independent camera recordings into one screen.

2009 FutureVideo adds two new MC-20 Series controllers to its range: the affordable MC-20 Jog/Shuttle RS-422A Device Controller, and MC-20PRO II Jog/shuttle for both Control Surface and Device Control integrated into one single product.

2012 FutureVideo introduces V-Station HD - first ever - Multi-Track Full HD DVR project Recording System.

product awards

  • INNOVATIONS DESIGN & ENGINEERING AWARD EC1000U Auto-assemble Edit Controller
    Consumer Electronics Show 1987
    EC1000 PRO Multi-format Auto-assemble Edit Controller
    Audio Video International 1991 & 1992
    TCG-2000 Portable SMPTE Time Code Generator
    Videomaker 1991
    V-STATION 3300 PC-based A/B Roll Editing System
    PC Graphics & Video 1995
    Media Commander MC-200NL
    AV Video Multimedia Producer 2002

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