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Featured Product  V-STATION HD STUDIO8 With 9 Video Tracks, 9 Simultaneous Live Streams

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Re-inventing The DVR. V-Station® HD Multi-channel/Multi-Channel Streaming HD Video Recorder is unlike any other DVR system that you’ve used—or even contemplated. First, it’s like having four synchronized DVRs in one unit. Secondly, it has a line-cut switcher to do live takes and produce a rough-cut of the program instantly. Thirdly, instead of relegating content management functions to the post-production phase, V-Station HD puts it where it’s most beneficial—at the beginning of acquisition. All of the relevant metadata is in place before the first footage is shot. Plus, it’s automatically updated with each new scene, shot, and take of the production. Up to 8 HDMI or 8 HD-SDI video camera feeds or video sources can be recorded simultaneously with up to 2 audio tracks per source. Recording quality is H.264 High Profile 4.2, similar to Blu-ray® Disc. V-Station HD also provides a live preview of all 8 sources on one screen, plus simultaneous playback of pre-recorded video Learn more














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