Multi-View HD Pro
Trial Software 

We welcome having you try out the new Multi-View HD Pro multi-camera editor trial software and to see how easily you can make videos from multi-camera shoots using GoPro Hero and other compatible action cameras.


Multi-View HD Pro software requires a PC running Windows 7/8 Professional 64 bit with at least 8GB of memory. A quad core CPU is recommended. 

Windows 7 Pro requires .NET 4.0 or higher to be installed (which most likely has been installed for other applications). If not, it will prompt you to install this Framwork first. 

Windows 8 comes with .NET installed.

You'll need enough hard disc space on the Drive which has "My Documents" folder to accommodate imported video files.

To proceed…

First, we recommend that you view our video tutorial to get the sense of Multi-View HD Pro.

Secondly, register to get a free download trial version for hands-on use.

Click here to watch a video tutorial.

Click here to access the registration page to get to the download trial page.

On the Registration page, enter all the required fields,  with your name and make sure the email address is valid, since we will be emailing you the license key for using the trial. Use any password as long as it does not contain any special characters such as @, / $ etc , whichever you prefer.

The Transaction ID should be left blank, as it will be provided to you if you've purchased the full product at the time of registration.

Then click on submit to get to the download page.  Click on the Download Trial Software to download the "" file.


Ensure you have downloaded this file from our link and unzip  it to a temporary folder. Extract the .msi file and click to run the installer. Ignore any security warnings.

Your Trial will expire in 30 days. An internet connection is required during the Trial period. The Trial copy does not allow you to save your projects (logs will be saved for each video, though), and you can render a video after editing, but it will have a evaluation notice overlaid in the video.

Remember, you'll need the the License Key we email you to be able to use the trial. Keep this key so when you're ready to purchase, you may use the same key.

Multi-View HD Pro will be available as a factory-direct product initially, so we can provide the utmost in product support.

Let us know how you like it!

The team at FutureVideo.